Many companies, state and church institutions, artists and private individuals have placed their trust in our company. Below are testimonials from our satisfied customers.

Statue of Stanisław Szozda

Statue to the outstanding cyclist Stanisław Szozda by Mr. Przemysław Wolny installed in Prudnik, with which the cyclist was associated.
The monument was created on the initiative of the authorities of the Prudnik poviat, thanks to the co-financing of the project from the European funds of the Pradziad Euroregion.

Mock-up of the granaries in Grudziądz

We started the year 2022 by making a bronze mock-up measuring 100 cm x 50 cm. The mock-up presents the granary complex in Grudziądz. The casting was commissioned by ArtRossignol from Stary Zamość, and the mock-up was made by sculptor Kamil Słowik.

Mock-up of the Old Town and Downtown of Lublin

In November 2021, commissioned by Artrossignol, a mock-up of the Old Town and Downtown of Lublin was created in our foundry. The author of the model is Mr. Kamil Słowik.

Bears of Adamów

In 2019, we carried out a project commissioned by the Public Utilities Department in Adamów to make 5 bears as part of the project to revitalise the Adamów Centre – the “Bear Square”. The author of the designs and models was Mr. Przemysław Wolny.

Statue of Władysław Opolczyk in Opole

At the request of Studio Rzeźby Jagodziński-Jagenmeer from Toruń, we made an over 2.5-metre high statue of Prince Władysław Opolczyk, which was unveiled on 23 April 2021 in Opole on the grounds of the Upper Castle.

Mock-up of Krosno

Commissioned by ArtRossignol Kamil Słowik, the largest bronze mock-up in Poland was cast in our foundry. The mock-up of the Krosno Old Town has a diameter of 290 cm and was entirely designed by artist Kamil Słowik.

Equestrian statue of Marshal Józef Piłsudski in Nysa

In 2018, an equestrian statue of Marshal Józef Piłsudski was erected in Nysa. It was commissioned by the Sculpture Studio of Professor Marian Molenda, with whom our foundry has cooperated for more than 30 years.

Equestrian statue of Prince Casimir I of Opole

In 2018, a statue of Prince Casimir I of Opole, designed by the well-known Opole sculptor Wit Pichurski, was erected in the Opole market square.

Mock-up of the town hall in Brzeg

In December 2020, together with CUSTOM CUBE, we completed a project to create a mock-up of the town hall in Brzeg. The model of the mock-up was made by artist Kamil Słowik from ARTROSSIGNOL. The bronze mock-up was 100 cm x 60 cm x 50 cm.

Mock-up of Krapkowice

In November 2018, a mock-up of Krapkowice was installed in the village of Krapkowice according to the design and model of Mr. Przemysław Wolny.

Horses for the fountain in Janów Podlaski

For over a year we worked on a project concerning a bronze sculpture of a family of horses (mare, stallion, foal) commissioned by UBiT from Biała Podlaska. The prototype of the sculptures was made by Mr. Arkadiusz Markiewicz and the 1:1 scale models were created in the studio of Mr. Przemysław Wolny. The sculptures were installed in a fountain in the centre of Janów Podlaski.

Father Ignacy Skorupka bench in Siedlce

In August 2020, another bench designed by Mr. Michał Dyląg was installed. This time it is a statue of Father Ignacy Skorupka placed in front of the headquarters of M3 Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Mieszkaniowego.

John Paul II

Our regular offer includes a model of the monument of John Paul 2 by Irena and Jerzy Piechnik. The likeness of JP 2 captured in the sculpted figure was appreciated by the Bishop of Kielce, Father Kazimierz Ryczan, and by His Holiness John Paul 2.

Jeremi Przybora bench - Białobrzegi

Our foundry, together with Michał Dyląg, was the winner of the contest for the project of the Jeremi Przybora Bench in Białobrzegi. We made the bench with the poet’s figure and sculptures of geese that are associated with Białobrzegi, as well as 12 historical plaques.