Monument of John Paul II

Our wide range of products includes the pictured monument, life-size bust of the Pope and a statuette. We would like to mention that the quality of the monument’s workmanship and the resemblance of John Paul II captured in the sculpted figure was appreciated by the Bishop of Kielce, Kazimierz Ryczan, at the SACROEXPO fair in Kielce in 2008, as evidenced by the diploma awarded.
If you decide to choose our offer, you will not bear additional costs of making a casting model of the monument – because we already have it.
We can also make a monument according to your individual idea.
We hope that the arguments for choosing our offer, such as: competitive price of a bronze statue, similarity captured in the sculpted figure of the Pope, no additional costs for the casting model, durability of the bronze statue – compared to sculptures made of resin, will encourage you to contact us to discuss further cooperation.
Our family company ART-ODLEW has been on the market for 45 years and has the references of many customers satisfied with our work. A copy of our most precious references, received from His Holiness John Paul II and the Bishop of Kielce, Kazimierz Ryczan, is presented below, as a guarantee of our reliability, dependability and the highest quality of our bronze sculptures.

Statue of John Paul II

We offer a bronze statue of Pope John Paul II according to the model by Irena and Jerzy Piechnik. The height of the statue is 190 cm. Available with or without rosary in hand. Available with or without a cast bronze base. Additionally you can order a pedestal, optional inscription or plaque for the pedestal through our company.

Bust of John Paul II

Our offer also includes a bronze bust of the Pope, with a height of 80 cm, which we also have the right to reproduce and own the model made by Irena and Jerzy Piechnik.

Statuette of John Paul II

We also wish to present a small bronze statuette of the Pope with a height of 20 cm. The authors of the model in this case are also Mr and Mrs Piechnik.

write to us

How do I order a monument of John Paul II?

Step 1

Send a price enquiry by email to In response, you will receive an e-mail with a price quote. Once the price is accepted and an advance payment is made, we prepare a contract for the purchase of the monument.

Step 2

As we have an exclusive right to use the model of the Pope by Irena and Jerzy Piechnik, you can save money because we do not add the cost of the model. The waiting time is also reduced because you do not have to wait several months for the model. We start the casting process immediately.

Step 3

After casting, the sculpture is chiselled, patinated and waxed. Fixing anchors are also included.

Step 4

When the sculpture is ready for collection, we can offer:

-personal collection

-shipping by courier (domestic and international)

-delivery by our own vehicle


-optional: pedestal, plaque, lettering

Contact us

If you find everything clear and are interested in ordering a sculpture and would like to know the price, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.


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