Large sculptural forms

Our company takes pride in creating large-scale artistic forms. These include monuments, bronze benches with well-known figures, religious sculptures, busts, mock-ups, bronze doors, altars, street lamps, garden furniture, city and building mock-ups, sculptures and bas-reliefs.


Where does it fit best?

Large statues, monuments are primarily erected in urban spaces so that they can be admired by a wide audience. They primarily commemorate famous people or events, but are often simply an artistic work intended to make the urban space more attractive.

A bronze sculpture may also be a perfect interior decoration or a garden ornament. It can also have utilitarian functions such as clocks, candlesticks, business card holders, paperweights, etc.

Sacral sculptures are perfect both for the interiors of churches and cemeteries. We make not only statues of saints, but also altars, church doors, crosses, etc.

As can be seen, the artistic elements fixed in bronze have a wide range of applications and their advantage is their durability, due to the materials used.

How to place an order?

Do you have a design, sketch, miniature model, sculptural model in 1:1 scale? Please send a photo-documentation of the above and the maximum length, width, depth to You will shortly receive a binding offer for the completion of your project in metal.

Do you have an idea of the design or photos of the figure you wish to portray? Please give us a short description of your idea and the suggested size. We will take care of the rest:

Step 1

We will prepare a visualisation of the project:

Step 2

We will make a sculptural miniature:

Step 3

We will make a sculptural model in 1:1 scale:

Step 4

We will cast a 1:1 scale sculptural model in metal:

Step 5

We will deliver the casting to any place in Poland and the world or we will come personally and assemble it:




Contact us

We can give you an estimate for the whole process above or just a part of it if you decide to start with just a design or a miniature. After accepting the price, we will prepare a contract, in which we will define the time frame of work, the formula of cooperation and the financial conditions. In most cases, we require an advance payment before commencing any works.

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