Bronze mock-ups of cities, central places or individual buildings have recently become very popular. Mock-ups can depict the current appearance of the area and buildings or reproduce historical places that no longer exist.


How to order a mock-up?

Do you have a design, sketch, miniature model, sculptural model in 1:1 scale? Please send a photo-documentation of the above and the maximum length, width, depth to You will shortly receive a binding offer for the completion of your project in metal.

If you have only an idea of the design or a photo of the objects you want to make in metal, please give us a brief description of the idea and the suggested size. We will take care of the rest:

Step 1

We will prepare a visualisation of the project:

Step 2

We will make a sculptural model in 1:1 scale:

Step 3

We will cast a 1:1 scale sculptural model in metal:

Step 4

We will deliver the casting to any place in Poland and the world or we will come personally and assemble it:

Contact us

We can give you an estimate for the whole process above or just a part of it if you decide to start with just a design or a miniature. After accepting the price, we will prepare a contract, in which we will define the time frame of work, the formula of cooperation and the financial conditions. In most cases, we require an advance payment before commencing any works.

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