We offer custom-made commemorative, informative and tombstone plaques. The plaques may contain only texts or two-dimensional graphics, as well as three-dimensional sculptural elements, e.g. portraits, coats of arms, logos, etc.

We have created a whole series of Star Avenue plaques displayed on the Opole market square.

Where does it fit best?

Plaques usually appear on the walls of buildings, pedestals, stones commemorating distinguished people or important events. A tombstone plaque can replace individual letters on a gravestone.


Do you have a design, sketch, sculptural model in 1:1 scale? Please send a photo-documentation of the above and the maximum length, width, depth to You will shortly receive a binding offer for the completion of your project in metal.

If you have only an idea of the design, please give us a brief description of the idea and the suggested size. We will take care of the rest:

Step 1

We will prepare a visualisation of the project:


Step 2

We will make a sculptural model in 1:1 scale:

Step 3

We will cast a 1:1 scale sculptural model in metal:

Step 4

We will deliver the casting to any place in Poland and the world or we will come personally and assemble it.

Contact us

After accepting the price, we will prepare a contract, in which we will define the time frame of work, the formula of cooperation and the financial conditions. In most cases, we require an advance payment before commencing any works.

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