About company

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Founded by Wiktor Halupczok, foundry engineer, Artystyczna Odlewnia Metali ART- ODLEW has 45 years of tradition in the production of bronze, brass, aluminium and cast iron products.

Over time, a two-person family business has evolved into a thriving company, currently employing 40 workers, with markets in Poland and Western Europe. Our wide range of products includes monuments, sculptures, bas-reliefs, medals, statuettes, busts, plaques, bronze doors, church altars, street lamps, garden furniture and grave accessories. During our long-standing activity in the foundry industry, we have completed many projects with a high degree of difficulty, ranging from small casts made with the utmost attention to detail to huge monuments up to 8 metres high. We are able to turn the artist’s vision, captured in a plaster model, into a bronze cast with the highest accuracy and care for detail.

What do we offer?

We offer comprehensive execution of any artistic realisation cast in metal (bronze, silver bronze, brass, aluminium, others).
We offer the complete process of creating any artistic realisation from metal, which consists of:

  • sketch
  • visualisation
  • miniature
  • model in 1:1 scale
  • casting
  • transport
  • assembly